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You are flying a heading of 055 when you are issued this clearance: "...hold east of the ABC VORTAC on the zero niner zero radial, left turns..."

Such a clearance is enough to induce a rapid heartbeat in the most experienced pilot. Although holding patterns may be used on any instrument flight, holding clearances are issued infrequently enough that pilots can get a little rusty on the procedures. Visualizing a holding pattern from your current position is one of the more challenging aspects of instrument flight.

ASA's new design for the Holding Pattern Computer not only displays the appropriate entry procedure given the assigned holding radial for both standard and nonstandard patterns (direct, parallel, or teardrop), but it also depicts how pilots get to this entry, given their current aircraft heading.

Holding pattern practice is now part of the instrument currency requirements (every 6 months, instrument-rated pilots must execute 6 instrument approaches and practice intercepting and tracking a NAVAID, as well as holding procedures). This handy pocket-sized tool may be used as a refresher on the ground, as well as a quick-reference guide in flight.

A perfect learning tool for experienced instrument pilots, students, as well as a convenient instructional aid for flight instructors. Made from durable plastic. 5" x 3 1/2".

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